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Export Solutions provides a convenient central resource to quickly obtain key facts and news for the global retail industry. We cover leading supermarket,convenience,discount,cash and carry,health food and drug store retailers in 96 countries. 


Information provided: Retailer profile,home page, formats,and store counts. We share a link to each retailers most recent news or weekly promotional offerings. Accurate financial data is provided for publicly traded retailers.Bonus Link: Latest country information: population,government,leading industries,resources, trends.


Makes your Life Easier!

1. Update  management presentations with facts on leading retailers( store counts etc.)

2. Create Country Listing maps to track your brand authorization, by customer

3. Search Retailers web sites to see local pricing information or weekly promotions.

4. Learn Retailer strategies, priorities,and news. Financial results provided for publicly traded retailers.

5. Learn about all the major retailers in a country, not just the top 5 !
Export Solutions tracks an average of 21 retailers per country.

Click here for free sample country Retailer list

Retailer Annual Subscription

Unlimited access for one year to all the 2,100 retailers in our system.

Distributor & Retailer Annual Subscription

Unlimited access for one year to 7,700 distributors, importers, and brokers in 96 countries and Unlimited access for one year to all the 2,100 retailers in our system.

Distributor & Retailer Premium Subscription

Premium subscribers receive all the benefits of an distributor & retailer annual subscription plus monthly phone access to Greg Seminara, owner of Export Solutions. Greg Seminara will provide guidance on the "Top 5" distributor candidates by market for your brand/company. Premium subscribers receive one phone meeting per month. Greg Seminara is one of the worlds leading experts on Distributor identification, with experience across more than 100 countries.

Asia Pacific Retailers

328 retailers - One Year Access

Europe Retailers

1055 retailers - One Year Access

Latin America Retailers

371 retailers - One Year Access

Middle East Retailers

89 retailers - One Year Access

South Africa Retailers

6 retailers - One Year Access

USA & Canada Retailers

390 retailers - One Year Access

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